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Being Realistic and Practical  

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Story adapted from (Han Dynasty) Biographies of Bian Que and Cang Gong, Records of the Grand Historian (by Sima Qian)Information

Let Us Discuss

  1. 你認為扁鵲是一個實事求是的人嗎?何以見得?
  2. 遇上困難,如像人一樣,只管求神問卜,你覺得這樣做可以解決問題嗎?為甚麼?
  3. 在學習上,怎樣才是實事求是的態度?
  4. 在專題研習中,同學提出了不同的意見,如果你是組長,你會怎樣做?

Quotations from the Classics

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